How Long Does It Take to Get to Mars?

flight to Mars

Planet Mars is one of the most mysterious in our solar system. The bright red star can be seen even with the naked eye in the night sky. Mars has attracted the attention of astronomers, priests and poets. Yet, many disputes and discussions arise about life on Mars (even the simplest single-celled organisms). Planet Mars still has a lot of mysteries, and to solve them, humanity will have to explore Mars in more detail. It is necessary to solve some vital issues for this to happen: develop good flight technology and take into account many important things, such as the effect of cosmic radiation on astronauts, calculate the flight path and how long would it take to get to Mars.

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Praying Mantis – an Alien Insect

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is one of the most amazing and strange insects on our planet, both with its habits and its way of life, some features from which can slightly shock us, people. Yes, we are talking about the famous marriage habits of praying mantis, when the female praying mantis after the mating process (and sometimes even during the process) eats its hapless cavalier. Yet, praying mantises are not only interesting by these habits, and in our today’s article, we will tell you all interesting fact about these unusual insects.

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