About the author

Pavlo Chaika, creator and chief editor of “Piznavayka” journal

Lets know each other, my name is Pavlo Chaika, I was born and live in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv, I am an economist by education, in the past I worked in a bank for several years, but I realized that my calling and favorite thing is to create and conduct a popular science site.

And it just so happened that I created this site, having long been fascinated by science and science fiction. Creating the site, I was inspired by old and excellent Soviet popular science journals, such as “Knowledge is power”, “Science and life”, “Young Naturalist”, and also no less excellent Ukrainian journals “Life and Knowledge”, “Svit”.

My goal is to make the most interesting popular science site, conveying the spirit of those old journals, and at least the coolest site with a similar theme in Ukraine, and as the maximum in the world. Although global science projects such as National Geographic or Scientific American will always be a good example for me to follow.

One comment

  • Thank you for creating this site. I enjoyed your page on seals. The perception, at least in America, is that seals only live in very cold climates. Keep up the good work.