Dresses for dances

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Women’s dance dress is a sophisticated and elegant type of dancewear that allows the dancer not only to look great, but also to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. At the Bravo Dance store you can find a wide choice of ballroom dresses that are perfect for the European dance program.

Choosing a ballroom Dresses for dances, you will immediately create a full-fledged image for the dance hall. Match it with elegant satin shoes and feel the maximum comfort and freedom of movement during the waltz, tango or quickstep.

When choosing a ballroom dance dress, pay attention to the weight of the material from which it is made. Lightweight chiffon will convey a flying effect to the dance. Soft and heavy knitwear will emphasize the dynamics of movements, while exclusive guipure will add romanticism to the image of a beautiful dancer. Decorative rigilene at the bottom of a flared skirt will complement the volume of dance movements.

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